The kitchen can be described as the hub of a house and is a big factor in the saleability of your home in the long term. The main basic function of a kitchen is to prepare and cook food, and this is the same throughout all houses however, the design of this room is completely personal choice.

It is a good idea to have a theme running through your kitchen to ensure that the d├ęcor matches and creates a complete look.

Country Kitchen

The country kitchen look is popular in farm houses, cottages and homes whereby the owners wish to create a cosy atmosphere. This rustic look is created by using a mixture of wooden and stone; wooden worktops and stone floors create the basis of the style which should be complimented by gingham or floral patterns. Cream and pastel colours feature heavily in this look too.

For an authentic country style, a range cooker should be installed or failing this, a gas cooker. A feature of country kitchens is glass-fronted wooden cupboards which are used to display ceramics such as plates and cups, or if you want to make a feature of it, toby jugs and display plates are an alternative.

Modern Kitchen

In complete contrast to rustic style kitchens, modern kitchens are based around the notion of clean lines and shiny finishes. Granite worktops and acrylic-fronted draws and cupboards create the clean shine. There is an emphasis on gadgets and smart storage solutions, meaning that all appliances are integrated into the cupboards, again giving clean lines.

Lighting plays a big part in the overall finished modern kitchen style; down lighting on to the worktop to create a serene mood, as well as make the worktop sparkle is a big common feature of this. Also, spotlights are common in modern kitchens as they emit bright light and also give a clean finish.