Kids Bedroom

When you think of children’s bedrooms, the first thing that comes to mind is often a garish pink or blue room which is filled to the brim with toys and can only be described as tacky. However, this does not need to be the case as many steps have been taken in modern kids bedroom design allowing parents to make them child-friendly yet stylish.

Firstly, it is a good idea to paint rather than wallpaper the walls. This is because it allows you to change to look of the room quickly and easily as the child grows and their tastes change; e.g. a little girl loving pink developing into a teenager who prefers purple. Painted walls simply need a new coat of pain in order to change the whole atmosphere of the room; in contrast, wallpaper is more expensive and will take more time and effort to strip and replace.

One of the main reasons why kids bedrooms are considered difficult to style is the fact that they are often cluttered with toys which make them look untidy and disorganised. The solution to this issue is to plan the design of the room to include smart storage solutions which allow toys to be put away in stylish cupboards and draws. It is common for children’s beds to be built on a relatively high level, leaving the area under the bed free for storage. Also, having adequate cupboard space is important so that you can shut any clutter away, leaving the room looking fresh and tidy.

Whilst the room should be planned to be functional, this does not mean that it cannot be child-friendly and appealing also. There are many accessories that you can buy to ensure that the childhood aspect is catered for in the room; from character bedside lamps, to bright and themed rugs and even removable wall stickers. These little touches will make the room child-friendly, without making it tacky.