A conservatory is an extra room added to the back of your home and has the potential to be utilised for a range of purposes. The design of the conservatory will be affected by its intended purpose; it will probably look very different if it is used as a child’s play room as opposed to a tranquil sitting area.

The size of the conservatory also dictates how it can best be used; small conservatories will perhaps be unsuitable as a dining room for example. However, be aware that many furniture outlets sell specially designed conservatory furniture which is smaller than regular furniture and so will be a better fit.

It is important to remember that a conservatory is an extension of your home, so should continue the colour scheme and theme to ensure continuity; it would look a bit odd to have a neutral lounge and lime green conservatory. Common uses of this extra space include as a play room, tranquil sitting space or as a dining room for those who do not have one in the house.