The design of a bedroom is generally based upon the theme of tranquillity and rest which reflects the main purpose of the room. As such, the colour schemes most associated with, and arguable most appropriate for, bedrooms involve warm colours such as magnolias, mochas, warm purples and oranges, among many others. A classic design will entail primarily magnolia walls and perhaps a warm chocolate feature wall and accessories.

The bed is a focal point of any bedroom, therefore the way that you adorn it will have a big impact on the overall look and feel of the room. The bed itself, including headboard and sides must match the d├ęcor e.g. do not have a black leather-look bed if the colour scheme is brown and cream. A neutral colour duvet cover and pillows is always a good starting point as you can then add colour in the form of a throw and scatter cushions where required.

Remember, your bedroom is your personal space and even if you are trying a minimalist look, there is nothing wrong with adding photographs and sentimental pieces to your bedroom; it will add character and make it yours.

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when decorating a bedroom is overcrowding it with furniture, meaning that there is no room to manoeuvre whilst you are in there. The most common way of doing this is buying a bed that looks good in the showroom, but is simply too big for you bedroom; before you go to buy a bed, measure the space in your room and do not exceed this. You must take into consideration space required for wardrobes and other furniture too.

Overall then, it is relatively simple to create a calming ambience in a bedroom and can be done on a budget if required.