The bathroom in a home is often overlooked in terms of interior design as it is viewed as a functional, rather than fashionable room; it can also seem difficult to make it look as impressive as a lounge or stunning kitchen. However, there are many different styles to choose from that will make your bathroom look so inviting, you will not want to leave.

Traditional Elegance

Those favouring an opulent look may wish to pursue a bathroom which has a traditional yet elegant style; think royal boudoir. The focal point of this type of bathroom is the bath, which is usually made from cast iron and positioned in the centre of the room; if your bathroom is not large enough to facilitate this, then you can put it against the wall if necessary.

To create the air of elegance and tranquillity, a neutral colour scheme involving creams and browns is favourable The feeling of opulence is created through the fixtures and fittings, including traditional taps and chandelier light fittings. Separate shower cubicles are not required to create this look as traditionally, showers can be hung over the bath which is in-keeping with the design as well as being space-saving.

Modern Minimalist

The minimalist look is perhaps the easiest to achieve in that it requires the least amount of furniture and finishing touches. Minimalist bathrooms often have a predominantly white colour scheme with some black and grey elements. Glass and mirrors feature heavily in this style so a shower cubicle is the ideal functional addition to this type of bathroom; it can even replace a bath tub if space is limited.

A common feature of the minimalist theme is installing angular fixtures and fittings including square sinks, shower trays and floating shelves. This is the traditional minimalist look, however for a more modern take, mix angular fixtures with rounded and fluid decorations such as ornaments, vases and light fittings. This contrast adds interest to the room.

Colour Splash

Who said bathrooms have to be boring? The traditional blue bathroom suite can be taken to a whole new modern level using a colour-splash theme. This type of interior design is heavily influenced by the pop-art movement and as such involves using bright colours to brighten up an otherwise blank canvas.

The colour splash theme can be a difficult one to get right; too much colour can be seen as tacky, whilst too little will not give the appropriate effect; therefore it is best left to designers or artistic individuals to create this look. Colour splash bathroom schemes often use acrylic-fronted draws and units to begin this look. The idea is to tastefully clash colours, therefore the coloured acrylic may be clashed with a feature wall which is painted in a different colour or a bright pattern; again, getting the clash right is difficult, so tread with caution. If this effect is done correctly though, it creates an interesting and bright bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most well-used rooms of the house, but it often overlooked in terms of design; do not let this happen to yours. Regardless of your taste, there is a theme to suit it which can be created using small or large budgets.